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Watercourses and Lakes in Kupres

When it comes to water surfaces on Kupres plain, we can characterize it as area extremely rich with water. Specifically, this area consists of three hydrographic sections: northern Bajramovac, southern Milač and central Mrtvica valley. The northern part is composed of numerous bays, while the western part is very broad and flat. 

There are several rivers in Kupres, such as small rivers called Mrtvaja and Mrtvica, very abundant Kupres underground river called Milač and streams Smrdelj, Karićevac and Jazmak. This small town can be proud of several beautiful lakes. The largest of these is a glacial lake called Kukavičko jezero, and its total surface area is 3750 m2. It is very rich in fish such as trout and crayfish.

You can see two small lakes on Kupres – lakes Turjača and Rastičevo jezero. Other than glacial lakes in this region, there are more than 20 lakes of 100-200 meters in diameter. Water is retained mainly due to the clay surface, but some of these lakes have their own sources, too.

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