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History of Kupres

Kupres is mentioned for the first time in documents dating back to the Kingdom of Croatia, which had the nearby city of Duvno (Tomislavgrad today) as its capital. Like the rest of the current Bosnia and Herzegovina, it was part of the Ottoman Empire. Later, it was part of the Banovina of Croatia, and after the Second World War, Kupres belonged to the Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia.

Since 1992, this small place is part of the independent state of Bosnia and Herzegovina. During the War of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Kupres was the scene of violent clashes, which ruined its economy. Following the Dayton Agreement in 1995, the city was incorporated into a set Croat majority.

Much of the Serb population left this territory and founded a new city, called Serbian Kupres or Kupres in Republika Srpska. After the war, Kupres rebuilt its economy, particularly in developing its tourism infrastructure.

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