When it comes to water surfaces on Kupres plain, we can characterize it as area extremely rich with water. Specifically, this area consists of three hydrographic sections: northern Bajramovac, southern Milač and central Mrtvica valley. The northern part is composed of numerous bays, while the western part is very broad and flat. 

Kupres is mentioned for the first time in documents dating back to the Kingdom of Croatia, which had the nearby city of Duvno (Tomislavgrad today) as its capital. Like the rest of the current Bosnia and Herzegovina, it was part of the Ottoman Empire. Later, it was part of the Banovina of Croatia, and after the Second World War, Kupres belonged to the Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia.

kupres-accommodationPopular winter, but also summer destination - Kupres, attracts more and more visitors every year, and if you are among them, and if you are planning to visit Kupres’ plateau, think about accommodation in Kupres. The offer of accommodation you can find here are several hotels and guest houses and a number of private accommodation in the form of apartments, holiday homes, villas and rooms.

kupres_holidaysKupres is a town in Bosnia and Herzegovina, located in the Western Bosnian Canton with 3,437 inhabitants. Following the Dayton Agreement, the town was divided between the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina and the Serb Republic of Bosnia and Herzegovina. It is considered to be very important strategic location - the tunnel named Kupres door is considered the gateway to the western Herzegovina.
kupres-sport-zabava-off-roadKupres is a little place on one of the largest karst highlands of Herzegovina. Since it is surrounded by high mountains, Kupres is also the biggest and most famous place for winter holidays in Herzegovina, and it is equally attractive during the summer months.

kupres_skijaliste_ljetiKupres plain is a 24 kilometers long and 10 kilometers wide karstic plain located east of Livno plain and Glamoč plain, and north of Duvno plain. It is surrounded by mountains from all directions, so in the summer, it is an attraction for adventurers who will find pleasure in hang gliding or paragliding, hiking, hunting or relaxing trips into nature.

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